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  • Sleep structure in children vs. adults
  • Sleep biology
  • Sleep regulators
  • Sleep windows. Day and night sleep according to the age of your child
  • Myths about childhood sleep
  • What is intermittent reinforcement
  • The three H’s
  • Babies/children milestones and their impact on sleep
  • Tips to support your child at bedtime
  • Build your own sleep package
What else do you need to know


Transitions: It is not advisable to travel, move houses or introduce any big routine changes during the implementation of the programme. It is very important that parents follow the same routine and schedules recommended every day, and that the child sleeps on the same place, so that the new habits and changes can consolidate.

Your commitment to follow the daily routine and Sleep Plan is vital to make sure results can be seen along this new journey of getting a better sleep for you and your family.

Cancelations: In case of consultation cancelations or rescheduling, I should be notified at least one business day in advance so that I can allocate the appointment to another tired family.

Medical conditions: A medical check up with a health professional (Pediatrics, neurologist, etc) is strongly encouraged before starting any form of sleep training. Your child’s sleep patterns or difficulties with sleeping may be symptomatic of a condition for which medical intervention or medical treatment is advised. If you have any reason to believe that your child’s sleep difficulties may be related to a medical condition or that your child has health concerns that may be adversely affected by sleep coaching, it is advisable to consult with your child’s doctor before beginning the sleep coaching process.

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